Our origins

Established in 2012 KSM arose from a shared vision from our two founding partners to deliver effective marketing communications campaigns built on a real understanding of a client’s industry and business.

Our story

Our story begins in the late 1990s when our co-founders, Jude Smith and Melanie Kendall, began their career paths together in marketing communications.

As part of an in-house marketing team for a large global player in the print and packaging sector they implemented a global rebrand project for Paragon Europe and were pivotal in the turnaround and sale of self-adhesive label pioneer Harlands Labels in Hull. 

Moving on to agency side, the pair continued to work within the industrial and packaging sectors. Here they led the rebrand of Clondalkin Group and over 40 subsidiary operating companies, while spearheading a PR campaign that led to the sale of the US division of the company and the repositioning of the European business as a supplier of added value packaging solutions.


Fast forward to 2012 and KendallSmith Marketing was established. 

With our knowledge and experience, KSM is connected. We understand the language and the processes of our clients’ industries and we have a long and well-established network of industry-specific media partners around the world.

Who we work with

Our clients are global. They are industrial and packaging specialists. 


Today we are a team of specialist marketing and public relations professionals with a global presence and a strategic approach that works.


We select the tools and channels that fit the needs of our clients. Our experience and expertise means that we are up and running very quickly delivering sustained, measurable results.

Jude Smith


Melanie Kendall


24 years of working


That’s 8,760 days of team work.

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