brand guidelines in practice

Brand guidelines in practice

Brand guidelines enable you to have control over the visual appearance of your brand, setting out how various brand elements such as positioning, typography, imagery and colour should be applied in order to ensure consistency. When a client has a good set of clear and detailed brand guidelines it makes design and turnaround of standard marketing collateral much easier for both client and designer. This product brochure for Sappi Rockwell is a great example of

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Trade press PR

Trade Press PR - Why?

Trade publications exist for nearly every industry, so whatever profession you are in, there will be at least one, often several publications, specifically targeted to your industry.  They provide insight, expertise and educational information about what is happening in the industry.   Securing coverage in your industry trade magazines and online platforms can be hugely beneficial in enhancing brand awareness and positioning you as experts.  Potential opportunities for news announcements to send journalists include:   New product

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inbound and outbound marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing?

Marketing is often categorised as “outbound” or “inbound”. But what does it mean? Which is better for B2B marketing? Outbound marketing is mostly what you would view as “traditional” activity, for example: PR, Print advertising, TV and radio ads, Billboards, Direct mail, Telemarketing, Event sponsorship. It aims to push out marketing messages to an audience regardless of whether they want to see them or not.  Inbound marketing has come about since the rise of the

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Owned, earned, paid media

Owned, earned and paid media

In today’s globalised and digitalised world, an integrated approach to marketing is increasingly important for businesses large and small. This means engaging owned, earned and paid media streams to get the very best results.  So, what exactly do each of these encompass and what are their benefits and challenges? Owned media This is any media channel that your business owns and that is managed and controlled by the business. This includes your company website, blog,

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Why invest in Design

Design plays a significant role in the entire customer experience. It is what captures your brand and gives it life, movement and context. Without professional graphic design, creativity or artistic input, your brand will most likely lack the depth and visual language that comes with experience, knowledge and understanding of strategic design.  Selection of colours, shapes, typography, graphics and layout come together to create your unique branding footprint and, if done correctly, will create a

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The why and how of email marketing

The Why and How of Email Marketing

Companies are sometimes reluctant to use email marketing for fear of being perceived as spamming their audience(s). Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all like to declutter our inbox?  But, used correctly, email marketing can be beneficial for both the sender and the recipient.  For your business it’s a critical part of the sales process - it can help nurture existing leads, generate new ones, turn prospects into customers, and keep existing customers engaged.  53% of

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