Business to business PR: why it should be a priority

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business to business pr

Business to business PR

1) Focused business to business PR can be used to increase brand awareness, drive sales and position you as an expert in your field

Working with a reputable and experienced b2b PR agency will ensure that your company’s key messages regularly appear across a range of media.

A public relations firm will work with you to establish a strategy that encompasses relevant target media including broad business-related publications as well as key vertical market magazines and website. This means that your customers and potential customers will be reading your news and learning about your company’s successes regularly.

Your PR strategy should contain a mixture of stories that promote your brand’s values, products, services and innovations.

When done correctly, business to business PR activity will give individuals within your business the opportunity to build authority within a specific niche resulting in growing credibility for your business within your sector.

2) Public Relations activity covers both traditional media and the online environment

It is easy to get caught up in the online environment and neglect more traditional means of PR which whilst changing are still very important.

Across all sectors, magazines maintain an important section of the media and should remain an important aspect of activity.

The trick with PR is to ensure that all areas are represented in order to reinforce your message and maximise the readership.

Many of the main online media outlets are indeed managed by the very same journalists that work on the actual printed magazines. Those same people are also responsible for promoting content via the various social media channels.

Our point here is that if you wish to generate ongoing media coverage you should make building a real relationship with journalists in your key target media. This is done by communicating with them in ways other than the faceless twitter, facebook and email. Pick up the phone, meet them at a business event and get to know them!

3) Public Relations materials can be used in a variety of ways to maximise return on investment

PR should be the main source of promotional content for your business. The protocol we employ at KendallSmith Marketing is to use materials in as many relevant ways as possible.

This means that a press release is shared with journalists, published on your website, shared via social media and included in an email newsletter, giving you numerous opportunities to put the message in from of the people you want to see it.

All of this activity can be measured so that you can see how your budget is working for you.

Some metrics include: mentions in the media, visits to your website, social media impressions and clicks on email newsletter links.

4) Online business to business PR activity has a direct effect on your website’s search engine performance

You will have likely heard the term “backlinks” when looking into Search Engine Optimisation… A backlink is essentially a link to your website from another site.

Generating good quality backlinks is a crucial part of SEO. Breaking this down further it means that if you work in the “widget sector”, you need links on the “Widgets weekly” website as this helps google to see that your website is relevant to the “widget sector”.

Breaking this down even further, what you really need is to include strategic keywords within your PR coverage talking about the specifics of your widgets. This really helps with your SEO.

We take time to formulate plans that take care of exactly this when we develop a PR strategy.

5) PR activity generates excellent value for money

Let’s get straight to the point with this one. Have a quick look at what it will cost you to place an advert in the main target media that you are looking to sell to. Working with a PR partner such as KendallSmith will generate editorial coverage in that magazine, and many others for a monthly fee that is drastically less than the cost of placing one solitary advert.

Considering the fact that editorial coverage is broadly seen as providing much more credibility than advertising and you shouldn’t need much more persuasion to get your business to business public relations strategy off the ground!

If you want to make more of your marketing budget right now, email us below.


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