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Trade Press PR - Why?

Posted in marketing strategy, Public relations on October 21, 2022

Trade press PR

Trade publications exist for nearly every industry, so whatever profession you are in, there will be at least one, often several publications, specifically targeted to your industry.  They provide insight, expertise and educational information about what is happening in the industry.   Securing coverage in your industry trade magazines and online platforms can be hugely beneficial in enhancing brand awareness and positioning you as experts.  Potential opportunities for news announcements to send journalists include:   New product Read More »

Inbound and outbound marketing?

Posted in Advertising, email marketing, marketing strategy, Public relations on September 28, 2022
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inbound and outbound marketing

Marketing is often categorised as “outbound” or “inbound”. But what does it mean? Which is better for B2B marketing? Outbound marketing is mostly what you would view as “traditional” activity, for example: PR, Print advertising, TV and radio ads, Billboards, Direct mail, Telemarketing, Event sponsorship. It aims to push out marketing messages to an audience regardless of whether they want to see them or not.  Inbound marketing has come about since the rise of the Read More »

Implementing PR into your marketing plan

Posted in marketing strategy, Public relations on April 22, 2022

PR in your marketing strategy

There are several types of PR but in a marketing context PR centres on profile building and reputation management through media relations and communications with stakeholders.  What is the value of Public Relations in marketing? Firstly, public relations is earned media – considered the most credible form of media by the public, according to studies. To back this up, research indicates 25-40% of lead generation and traffic comes from earned media. When we talk about Read More »