20 press release ideas for your business

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Often the greatest challenge for any business is knowing what to write about when it comes to PR and getting people internally to recognise a news story. We’ve compiled a list of 20 things that will potentially make a good PR story.

  1. Launch of a new product or service
  2. New innovations
  3. Environmental initiatives
  4. Awards and accreditations
  5. Being the first to do something
  6. Anniversaries – e.g. 50 years in business
  7. Milestones – e.g. production or turnover milestones
  8. Business growth/restructures/success
  9. Winning/being shortlisted for awards
  10. New client wins
  11. New facilities or expansion of existing premises
  12. Investment in new equipment
  13. New staff appointments
  14. Attendance/speaking at events and exhibitions
  15. Results of market research/surveys
  16. Customer case studies
  17. Event sponsorship
  18. Charitable fundraising efforts/events
  19. Comment on industry developments or trends
  20. Comment on industry research

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