LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

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There are lots of clever tactics available through LinkedIn to support lead generation and new business development, but simply getting the basics right can prove really beneficial.

If there are 3 things that you can do today to get LinkedIn working for your business it’s these:

Keep the content coming. All too often LinkedIn (and other social media channels) are seen as an add-on – used to share blog posts and press releases when they’re issued with no activity happening in between. Regularly sharing content, interesting links to articles and websites, even asking questions keeps your business visible and a source of interesting and relevant information.

To make this easier and ensure it doesn’t end up on the bottom of your to do list every week use a social media planning tool like hootsuite or for something a bit more sophisticated try coschedule  – both of which allow you to plan ahead so at the start of each week (or even month) you can schedule your posts and rest easy.

Take a joined-up approach – staff working in sales or new business development roles are often great at sharing company news on their own LinkedIn profiles and yet you’ll find no mention of it on the company website, or vice versa, employees are actively using LinkedIn, but not sharing company news. Encourage sharing of information and get your message out to a wider audience.

Join some groups  – by identifying groups that your target market or audience regularly visit you can build your network and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Go one further and create your own group – these can be used as a way of developing new contacts and thought leadership content around topics relevant to your business.

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