Marketing keeps changing, what should we do?!

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Marketing keeps changing and it’s going to keep on changing. But, we can still learn from the past.

When I studied marketing things were pretty well established, direct mail was well known as the most effective way to market to your audience, PR was targeted purely at print publications and social media didn’t even exist.

Yes, there have been a lot of changes. Social media is central to most marketing strategies and the value of PR in printed publications is sometimes questioned these days because, well, quite frankly it doesn’t help your search engine optimization aspirations.

I’m not going to use this blog post to argue for or against PR in printed publications – although, for the record I still do see lots of value in printed media for many reasons – what I will talk briefly about is why keeping up to date with trends in digital is so important.

Google’s mysterious algorithm is talked about daily in online marketing circles and one could spend hours, days, even weeks trying to get to grips with it but that’s just going to lead to a feeling of dread when you get back to your actual to do list!

The things to remember amongst all the changes is that one thing remains constant. Whatever happens to the tools we use each day to get our messages out to our audience, the delivery of quality content will always be critical.

Your content drives everything. Your story is the most important thing. Tools and techniques will change, you will be told to tweak and change the way you do things, but, looking back to the days of pre-internet PR, you had to have a good story angle to generate coverage. If you continue to come at your website, your blog, news and social media activity with a good story at the heart of what you are doing that provides a consistent message you have won half the battle.

This recent story on Hubspot’s blog suggests reorganizing the content on your website but at the heart of it, it says the content is the most important aspect. In fact, changes in the google algorithm appears to be making this even more important. See what you think.

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