Marketing is not a function of your business…

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…’s what makes your business function.

There’s a well known quote from David Packard, co-found of Hewlett-Packard , who said that “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.

Here’s why…

Marketing is often viewed as the thing you do to help sell a product or service to customers once it’s ready. But marketing has a much bigger role to play and way before the selling stage. Marketing shouldn’t be seen as simply tactical. Marketing needs to be strategic and requires support and involvement from the most senior members of your organisation. Marketing can help define your target market, better understand your audience, keep abreast of market trends and inform new product development.

Marketing is ultimately about meeting the needs and wants of your customers and is therefore an integral part of the entire business, from the R&D team tasked with developing new products to meet customer needs, through to the production team that has to deliver a quality product and customer service charged with ensuring a great customer experience.

And let’s not forget that employees, colleagues and stakeholders are a business’s biggest advocates. They have an important role to play within the marketing process by helping to position the business correctly and promote your brand. They can also help increase your brand’s visibility through sharing messages and updates via their own social media networks.

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