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Owned, earned, paid media

Owned, earned and paid media

In today’s globalised and digitalised world, an integrated approach to marketing is increasingly important for businesses large and small. This means engaging owned, earned and paid media streams to get the very best results.  So, what exactly do each of

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Why invest in Design

Design plays a significant role in the entire customer experience. It is what captures your brand and gives it life, movement and context. Without professional graphic design, creativity or artistic input, your brand will most likely lack the depth and

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The why and how of email marketing

The Why and How of Email Marketing

Companies are sometimes reluctant to use email marketing for fear of being perceived as spamming their audience(s). Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all like to declutter our inbox?  But, used correctly, email marketing can be beneficial for both the sender

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PR in your marketing strategy

Implementing PR into your marketing plan

There are several types of PR but in a marketing context PR centres on profile building and reputation management through media relations and communications with stakeholders.  What is the value of Public Relations in marketing? Firstly, public relations is earned

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OK Image - the importance of a marketing plan

The importance of a marketing plan

A marketing plan is a crucial component of your business, and how your service or product is promoted, perceived, and engaged with by an audience in the market. Without this, the fundamentals that drive your business will never reach their

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Case Study: Global brand awareness

Suretank, a global manufacturer in need of a strong global brand presence. A global manufacturer of offshore tanks and containers  for oil and gas, with 700 plus employees and a turnover of $100 million. Our brief was to increase global

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