A simple guide to developing a one page B2B Content Marketing Plan

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content marketing plan

Here’s our top tips for getting started on your content marketing plan today.

1. Define what you want Content Marketing to achieve for your business.
e.g. is it to help drive traffic to your website? Is it to help engage with a new audience?

2. Define who your audience is.
Are there any other audiences you should be targeting? (Remember, who you’re targeting will affect your message).

3. Define your message.
Think about what benefits you can bring to your clients through your content. How can you better inform them about things relevant to your business and theirs?)

4. Decide how best to communicate your content. e.g a blog, social media campaign, case studies, how to guides/downloads, video content.

5. Develop a schedule of activity.
What are you going to write about/communicate and when? Expect this to change, but you need to have a plan to ensure consistency and that you don’t lose traction.


Promote your content everywhere. If you write a blog post push it out through social media, use it in an enews.

Consistency is key both in terms of your messages and timing

Be creative – think of different ways of using the same content. People respond to things in different says. So could you turn that blog post into a short video clip or an infographic?

For help or advice with your content marketing plan please drop us a line.

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