Top tips for successfully marketing a niche business

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 Targeting a niche audience is one of the most effective ways for a business to differentiate itself from the competition. Having worked closely with several niche businesses and seen both the challenges and advantages they face, here are our top tips for improving your niche marketing strategy.

Listen to your existing customers: Before you can start on any effective marketing activity it’s important to listen to your customers and have a good appreciation of their needs. Having a smaller customer base/target audience can make this easier.  By carrying out interviews or surveys with a handful of customers you can find out quite quickly what they do and don’t like about your product/service and their future requirements. Having listened to your customers and taken time to understand the issues/challenges that they face, look at how you can help address these to make sure you are targeting your niche correctly.

Blog: Use a blog to inform existing customers and prospects about your business, but also as a way of providing them with valuable content. Write articles that offer advice and provide solutions to the problems/issues that they face.

Get Social: People will buy because of work you have done for other people, your knowledge and expertise. Use  your social media channels to promote your testimonials and case studies, and share other relevant and interesting content. Comment on and share your customers’ content, show an interest and engage with them. Don’t tell people why they should buy from you, show them why other people already have.

Use PR to position your business and build authority. Writing press releases and pitching articles to publications within your niche market will give you greater prominence and visibility with key decision makers. Look for opportunities to write influential features that help position you/your business as an authoritative, industry leading voice on important issues in your niche market.

Gather testimonials and case studies from existing customers. Potential customers want to know that you can deliver on your promise. Testimonials give you credibility and case studies are a powerful way of demonstrating your capabilities and will resonate with others.

Get involved with industry bodies and events/exhibitions.  Look for opportunities to write articles for industry websites and publications in your niche market.  Explore sponsorship and speaker opportunities at key events.

Partnership working. Build relationships with other providers/suppliers in your niche market. There may be ways that you can work together and do some joint publicity.

Finally, be prepared to try new marketing tactics. Not everything will be successful, but if you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know.

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