Trade Press PR – Why?

Trade press PR

Trade publications exist for nearly every industry, so whatever profession you are in, there will be at least one, often several publications, specifically targeted to your industry.  They provide insight, expertise and educational information about what is happening in the industry.  

Securing coverage in your industry trade magazines and online platforms can be hugely beneficial in enhancing brand awareness and positioning you as experts. 

Potential opportunities for news announcements to send journalists include:  

  • New product developments
  • Appointment stories
  • Investments
  • Product case studies 
  • Business wins
  • Strategic partnerships

Look for opportunities to contribute to features and editorials

News announcement aren’t the only PR tool. Trade journals and magazines publish reports, feature articles and opinion pieces, and often welcome contributions towards these.

Typically, publications will publish forward features lists towards the end of the year, for the year ahead. This is the publication’s editorial calendar of topics planned throughout the year with content descriptions, deadlines and publications dates. Contribution towards features can be a valuable positioning tool that highlights your company as an expert in the field whilst aiding brand awareness. They are high value opportunities in magazines and on websites that provide the chance to align what is happening within your company with key market trends. But, they must not be seen as a sales pitch. 

Don't forget about your vertical markets

Importantly, it’s not just your industry, but your vertical markets that you should be tapping into. If you’re a packaging company with clients in the dairy, food and beverage sectors, look at publications dedicated to those industries.

Additional benefits

Press releases and feature articles published online on magazine websites help greatly with search engine rankings. Also, content  can be used for your other marketing channels such as blog content, social media posts and email marketing.

Successful Trade PR campaigns take time to develop. At KendallSmith we have many years of experience of working with trade publications, with very established media connections. If you would like to find out more please get in touch for a free no obligation chat.

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